Genuine and intimate

Forget about cliches, traditional barbie poses and long-winded shot lists. I want to be there for you and your love, for those quiet morning nerves and loud party vibes, and everything in between. The big emotions and the tangible moments.

I believe that letting you to be in your own element, quirky, fun, wild or soft, is the best way how to tell your story in the most honest way. I aim to capture the real connection and chemistry between you two, how you feel and not just how you look. I want your pictures to represent you, the emotion and the atmosphere, the spirit of your day. If you’re rebel at heart, don’t be afraid to show it, crack a joke or two, get your dress dirty and laugh a little, or a lot. I’m a firm believer that everyone should pour their personality into everything. But most of all I believe in you and that your love is what makes this day so unique. Perfectly imperfect. Let your personality shine & soul run free, I will just be there along the way and capture how your story unfolds in front of my lens. Most of the time you won’t even notice me and if the tunes are good, I might join you on the dance floor.

For me, this is very personal, I genuinely want to get to know you in order to make you feel comfortable with me and in front of the camera. I prefer to join you as a friend, my approach is super informal and I wish to connect with you on a different level than just to be another vendor to cross off your list.

There is a lot of love & excitement behind what I do and I truly strive in an environment where people put their trust in me and let me go with my gut to document the story that will be told for generations to come.